The Intentional Yes – A Way to Simplify Your Holiday

While most of us can boast of very busy schedules year round, the holiday season is even worse.  There are pressures coming from all sides, end of the year deadlines at work, holiday parties, the pressure to find the perfect gift for everyone in your life, family obligations, traffic…the list could go on and on.

Rather than putting our heads down this holiday season and plowing through it let’s try something different.  Let’s slow it down, let’s take some time to enjoy it, revel in it and actually be merry!

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STOP – Holiday Survival Tip #5

Christmas is finally here and on the morning of Christmas Eve many of us are making pies, baking hams, rushing to get those last minute gifts, running out to the store one last time because you forgot the green beans for the green bean casserole.  Yesterday I had 3 items I needed from the store and I ended up having to go to three different stores to find each!  It could have easily become a very frustrating afternoon, fighting traffic in and out of parking lots, standing in long check out lines and knowing I still had to make another stop, however it wasn’t frustrating or stressful.  I found myself smiling throughout and here is why… Continue reading

Just Say No (Boundaries!) – Holiday Survival Tip #4

As Christmas draws closer the frantic pace of holiday season always seems to ramp up even more.  I know my schedule never seems to slow down during this time.  If I’m not careful my favorite time of the year will fly by and I’ll have hardly taken a step back to take it in and enjoy it.  There are so many parties to attend, so many gifts to buy and wrap, so many decorations to pull out, dust off and put up around the house.  Not to mention getting the Christmas cards in the mail, and ordering those last minute gifts that you pray will make it in on time.   Whew, that’s exhausting!  Rather than getting lost and missing out on the joy of the season, I want to challenge us to practice a very controversial and dangerous word…NO.

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Reach Out & Get Out – Holiday Survival Tip #3

The holidays can bring up so many feelings in us: joy, hope, and anticipation. It can also bring up other feelings such as: depression, sadness and loneliness.  Maybe you are grieving the loss of a loved one, maybe a relationship recently ended or possibly you are not where you thought you would be at this point in your life.  How can you enjoy the holiday spirit when feeling this way?

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Find Hope – Holiday Survival Tip #2

This week I had the honor to both speak and blog for Polish (think nails, not country), a wonderful organization that I’ve volunteered with for the last 3 years.

I spoke on ways to survive the holidays and wrote about my first two survival tips for the blog.  Tip #1 as you may remember is to practice gratitude.  Tip #2 is to find hope this holiday season.

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Practice Thankfulness – Holiday Survival Tip #1

As the holidays are rapidly approaching, (is it just me or does it seem like time speeds up during the holiday season) I thought I’d do a series on easy tips to survive the holidays.

The holiday season is both joyful and stressful.  It is both happy and sad. So Holiday Survival Tip #1 is  Practice thankfulness.  It’s amazing what this simple step can do to your outlook on life.

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