Presentations & Training

Polish Luncheon October 2014 presentations

Michael and Tiffany both enjoy public speaking, presentations and training on several different topics. Presentations or training can be provided for large and small groups within businesses, churches, or networking environments.


Tiffany is a regular speaker at a downtown Dallas women’s event Polish: Refining the Details.

Michael is a regular guest lecturer for The Cooper Institute’s Healthy Living Program.

Emotional Eating Course at Cooper Clinic

Presentation & Training Topics include:

  • Understanding Personality
  • Relaxation
  • Mindfulness
  • Adolescents and Trauma
  • Recognizing the warning signs in Teens
  • Grief and Loss in the work place
  • Boundaries
  • Biology of Change
  • Healthy Self-Care
  • Power of Being Genuine

holiday hoopla presentations

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